You asked and we answered! This blog post is for all you curly-haired beauties out there, who are looking for a way to get the curls you’ve always wanted. The Curly Girl Method will leave you with the most beautiful, healthy curls you’ve ever had. Your journey to healthy hair isn’t always linear, but is is so worth it.


So, what is the Curly Girl Method? The Curly Girl method is based on the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey. It is the best way to maintain healthy curls by banishing any harsh chemicals and techniques that can damage your hair. Yes, it is really that simple.


By following the CGM, you are totally avoiding products that contain silicones and sulfates. This is essential, because using these chemicals will 1. damage your hair 2. modify and destroy your curl pattern. A few months ago, I started my journey on the CGM. After watching hundreds of YouTube videos, I decided to try it – my hair was a frizzy mess and it had to end. Today, I finally embrace my curls and my messy hair, and it is the best feeling! If you want to have healthy curls and finally accept your hair as it is, then the Curly Girl Method is for you.


“I am officially a convert to curly hair! I can finally embrace the natural state of my hair, which has been so rewarding! I get complimented all the time, it’s amazing.”

The don’t of the curly girl method? 

When using the Curly Girl Method, there will be plenty of products you will no longer use. You will learn that products labelled for curly hair are not necessarily the right option for your hair. And it might be hard to understand labels, and read ingredients, but I have made it easier for you. Here is what you should banish, according to the CGM:

  • Sulphates
  • Non-water soluble silicones
  • Alcohol and fragrance based products
  • Heat styling tools
  • Brushes and combs on dry hair
This sounds complicated, right? The good thing is, all our products are curly-girl approved, so no need to spend hours reading labels! We only provide the best for your hair. We are based in Dublin, Ireland.
How to follow the Curly Girl Method? 

First, you need to get curly-girl approved products. 

Then, you need to learn about the techniques and research what works for you. For example, here are my favorite techniques:

  • Dry my hair with a micro fiber towel
  • Sleep with a cotton t-shirt tied on my hair
  • Use a denman brush (not a wide tooth brush)

 Finally, this is how to follow the Curly Girl Method step by step:

  •  Cleansing

Wash your hair with a gentle cleanser or a conditioner. Curly headed girls, you can co-wash your hair with conditioner 1 a week or every 10 days. At the start, you will learn what your hair needs and how often it needs to be washed. Your hair will adjust, just be patient and you will see the results!
For my wavy girls, I would recommend using a shampoo. Then, for those with coily hair, you should be cleansing as little as possible, and wet your hair with a little conditioner or styler to refresh your curls!

  •  Conditioning

This is my favorite part. A curly-girl approved conditioner will leave your hair smooth and shiny. After the cleanser, use conditioner mostly at the bottom part of your hair, depending on how much moisture it needs. For those with curly hair, you may leave the conditioner to give it a bit of moisture. If you have wavy hair, I would not recommend it as it could be too heavy on your hair. Again, it really depends on your hair and you will learn how much conditioner you need overtime.

  • Styling

After the shower, dry your hair with a micro fiber towel or cotton t-shirt, and start applying your styling products or leave-in conditioner. If you have curly hair, you can bend forward while applying your styler, and then wrap it in a t-shirt to let it dry a little. For those who have wavy hair, you could pin your curls to your roots, to help the pattern form. Lastly, for those with coily hair, we have a range of amazing products you could use, which will make your hair super happy!

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