Curly FAQ

Are all the products Curly Girl approved?

Yes! All our products are curly girl friendly, which means that you don’t need to check the ingredients to see if there are any silicones, drying alcohol or sulfates… We only want the best for your hair!

What are Curly Girl approved products?

Curly Girl products are those which care for your curls and do not contain any harsh chemicals such as silicones, sulfates, or drying alcohol. The Curly Girl Method is more than just using the right products for your hair, it’s also about the techniques you use and the way you apply the products. You can find out more in our blog section and on our Instagram page!

Can I use your products if I have straight hair?

Although the Curly Girl Method was designed for those with curly hair, the method can be used by those with nearly any hair type. Straight hair can be dry and damaged too, and the Curly Girl Method is an excellent way to replenish moisture, regardless of curl pattern.

Are your product Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

Not all of our products are vegan, you can check on the description of each product and it will be displayed at the top, if it is the case.

What products should I buy for my hair? 

If you are unsure of which product to use for your hair type, please message us and we will help you choose the more suitable products. You can also read the descriptions of the products, for more information.

None of the products I’ve tried seem to work, what should I do?

You can contact us on Instagram or via email at with information about your hair (hair type, product used, wash routine, etc.) and we will give you some tips to help you.

You don’t ship to my country. What do I do?

If we do not ship to your country yet, please let us know as we are expanding at the moment. You can send us an email at

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