About Us

Happy Curls Co provides a range of natural haircare products that promotes natural hair! Because healthy is beautiful.

Our story

The perfect curls require a lot of hard work. At Happy Curls Co, we aim to make the process easier so that you end up with bouncy and healthy hair for affordable prices.

Happy Curls Co’s Moroccan founder struggled to accept her hair and decided that enough was enough: it was time to finally embrace and love her wild side, instead of hiding from it.
She made it her mission, to help curly headed people from all over the world to love and care for their hair, just as much as she did when she discovered the curly-girl method.

We are committed to share our knowledge about curly hair as each individual’s hair is different. Curly hair requires special attention, but taking care of it does not have to be a burden.

The aim was (and always will be) to help all of our customers embrace their natural hair.
Join us in our mission and let Happy Curls Co assist you, and guide you on this new exciting journey. 

Our Company

We work hard to give you the best products for your hair.
We carefully select each product, that contain no harsh chemicals and are curly-girl approved.
We are available if you need advise on products or techniques regarding your hair.

Our Promise

We want to make sure that you find the best natural products for your hair.
Our mission at Happy Curls Co is to ensure that you get just what you deserve. Each curly box we send is prepared with care and love, and you get a personalized box with your name on it!

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